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This was such a refreshing salad! I left out the green pepper, because it's the one veggie that I just can't get myself to like, no matter what I do. I almost omitted the onion, too (I like onions, but don't usually eat raw onion in salads), but I changed my mind and added it -- glad I did! I just made sure to slice it very thinly so it wouldn't be overpowering, and it was perfect. Since I was eating this for my lunch, I drizzled a bit of the olive oil over it, and sprinkled a bit of high-quality red wine vinegar on it as well (for acidity). I'll definitely be making this again when I have super-fresh garden veggies. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 09

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Muffin Goddess April 03, 2009

A really good and refreshing salad that I served along with lamb cutlets. I prepared a little in advance and finished off with the olive oil just before serving.

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Peter J April 20, 2013

I love the classic Greek salads. They're so light, simple and colorful. This is especially good in the summer when you have the freshest garden veggies. I made this as written, but just crumbled my slices of feta over top. Thanx!

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*Parsley* August 27, 2012

Ok, mine wasn't authentic since I skipped onions and olives (not a fan) and used yellow bell peppers instead of green but I can can see the difference between how I usually make a Greek salad and this (authentic) version. I usually add lemon juice or red wine vinegar so I was curious as to how it would turn out. The tomatoes gave some of their acidic juices and balanced the olive oil perfectly. As a result my lunch was not only healthy but also delectable. Thank you.

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Katanashrp December 20, 2011

yum yum yum. i agree, greek salad with lettuce just isnt right. The quality of the ingrediants in this recipe really make a difference. Im planning a trip the the jean talon farmers market in montreal to make sure i get the best feta and tomatoes for this recipe.

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greeneyedchicken May 11, 2010
Really Authentic Greek Salad