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In defense of Andre's recipe....this was the second recipe that I tried this morning to satisfy my swedish husband's craving for Swedish Pancakes. The first recipe, even I knew, was completely off. They weren't thin rather slightly puffy. My husband looked at them and said, "Nope". I then found Andre's recipe on the internet. After tasting them, my husband said , "Bingo!"

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Shawna in Seattle July 14, 2002

Well, I must say that I too am from sweden and in the south we have a differnt way of making them. We add the butter to the batter along with suger, more of a crepe style we also add a little nutmeg or allspice. Still use the berries on top.Served with some thick sliced bacon.You are not making consideration for regional differences.

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lena olafsson July 03, 2002

Excellent recipe, just like I have always made them. You didn't mention that the traditional way to serve them is sprinkled with granulated sugar MM they melt in your mouth. I would diagree that the other recipes on Zaar do not resemble the original. Every country and every recipe has many variations and some of the others are very good too. I have cut back the luxury of frying them in butter (it is best) and I have cut out the whipped cream too. Love to serve them with fresh berries and lite sour cream. My guests thank you Andre as do I

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Bergy July 15, 2002

I keep forgetting to review this recipe, we've been enjoying it for the past 3 Sunday's and are very happy with it. I have been serving them with lingonberry butter and granulated sugar, although my husband opt for maple syrup. To make the butter, I cream together lingonberry jam with some butter and chill it overnight. Thanks for this great recipe.

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Miss Erin November 24, 2002

This was simple, quick and delicious. I did add a dash of nutmeg and a splash of vanilla, and served them with warmed jam. Lingonberries are difficult to get in my area. My husband is a finnicky eater but he loved these. This recipe is a keeper.

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Evelyn25 December 15, 2002

These are tasty. I was shocked how thin the batter became after I added all that milk... can't believe a pancake actually came out of it. They are super easy to mix up but, as another reviewer stated, kind of a pain to stand over the stove frying them up. I tried the cast iron skillet. What a mess! Even the scraped mess was tasty but, after moving to non-stick skillet, I found them to be much better. (I used two at a time to speed things up.) Served with powdered sugar and syrup and some with jam. Berries would be wonderful if I had any. Thanks! My daughter asked for Swedish pancakes today and she was very happy with the result.

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Empire920 March 02, 2013

These are great, just like my grandpa used to make them. Except, like Bergy said, that there should be granulated sugar on them. Other than that, dead-on authentic!

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abcdefg December 16, 2002

From Goteborg - These are not Swedish pancakes, and I wonder why the author says this is how the family makes them, and all other swedes make them. Trying to convince others? Wheat flour? No. White flour, and there is melted butter in a true Swedish pancake recipe. The pictures show burned pancakes. Also, to those who sprinkle granulated sugar, again no. Some lingonberry jam rolled into the pancake, and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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molandert March 02, 2013

I wanted to love these...I really did. But, I was sorely disappointed. My brother-in-law's family is from Sweden and I tried to find a replica recipe as I had misplaced his. I understand now that they cannot be replicated. I'm guessing that the main difference is that there is not butter in the batter. That is one thing that drew me in to these. I just found them WAY thicker than the ones I am used to and even a bit rubbery. :(

I would be willing to try making them one more time to see if I just maybe did something wrong this first time around. I was so bummed last night.

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Mommy2maddox July 30, 2012

We love thin batter for our pancakes, so Swedish Pancakes are our favorite! Served with butter and cinnamon and sugar and rolled up is our favorite way to eat them, but sometimes I have them with fresh strawberries and sugar, with whip cream on top. Just delicious!

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MixingItAllUp September 28, 2011
Real Swedish Pancakes (Pannkakor)