Real Southern Chicken Fried Steaks

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is the real thing. Passed down from generation, I might actually be the first one to write this down. We just pass it down orally.

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  1. Fill frying pan about 1/2 way with oil, turn heat on med-med/high.
  2. In one bowl beat egg, milk, and some seasonings together with a fork.
  3. Put flour in another bowl and season to taste.
  4. Put 2 pieces of meat in milk mixture, let soak while oil gets hot(you know it's hot when a sprinkle of flour sizzles in the pan) then roll in flour batter and put in oil.
  5. Fry 10 minute one side then flip (or when golden brown) and fry 10 min other side. fry couple minute more each side just for good measure.
  6. While 2 pieces are frying put 2 more pieces in milk and let soak till other pieces are done. Don't put it in flour till ready to fry, will end up soggy!
  7. Keep repeating till all the meat's gone! Enjoy!
Most Helpful

I was prepared to be disappointed having tried so many chicken fried steak recipes before but Jessica, you have a winner on your hands! I used garlic powder and seasoned salt, forgot the lemon pepper, but so what these were a hit without it. So tender after only five minutes in the pan too. DD wouldn't leave until I'd printed out the recipe for her. What a great way to remember your ancestors. TFS Posted for ZWT3

Julie B's Hive May 30, 2007

Super easy and delicious. Sometimes instead of rolling them in flour I roll them in crushed crackers.

Briala October 07, 2007

this is great stuff . i make a cream gravy after frying the steaks to top these with

Dienia B. July 03, 2007