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Yo! This is a REAL hoagie! The only problem is that you can only get real hoagie rolls in the Philly area! They are crusty on the outside and slightly "chewy" on the inside. And you forgot some of the best parts - sweet & hot peppers!!!

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cas navy August 04, 2005

I think one of the reviews claiming that Philly doesn't have decent hoagie roll is bogus. The problem is, I live in upstate NY near Canada, and there are no decent hoagie rolls. I have resorted to using baguette which has a thicker crust and the bread is too dense. However, the baguette is better than what they market as a sub/hoagie roll...nothing more than a large hot-dog bun (yuck). Everyone who understands hoagies knows that if you don't have the right bread, it won't matter if you have Prosciutto di Parma...the hoagie will taste awful...you'd be better off eating the meat/cheese without the bread. Why can't I find a decent bread up here???!!!

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maitagm December 21, 2014

This is a good recipe. I am from Philly now living in SW Florida. I am happy to report that Publix ( Florida ) now has a hoagie roll almost as good as Carmen's Deli in S. Jersey. The review about rolls in New York or N. Jersey is bogus since their recipe is not a hoagie but called a hero. Yuk. ( too much vinegar ) on a hero. It ends up tasting like a Jesus salad, lol.

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John M. October 07, 2013

The recipe is pretty good, but the fact is that you CANNOT get a decent hoagie roll in Philly. All the rolls in PA are softh through and through, and seem to be based on an ancient pretzel recipe. Everyone know that inorder to get a decent roll or bagel for that matter you have to go to New York City or North Jersey...

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sardonald March 01, 2008
Real Italian Hoagie