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Thanks Chef for your endorsement that garlic belongs in Bolognese. I've been mortified to read in the British press recently that Antonio Carluccio dismisses all Bolognese recipes containing garlic and herbs as inauthentic and invented for the UK market! That said, this recipe is pretty close to the one I've evolved over many years. An ex-boyfriend's Italian mother from the North of Italy used chopped Italian sausage along with the ground beef, this added some chilli heat and also a hint of fennel to the sauce so I was intrigued see chilli flakes featuring here too. I too use nutmeg but for nostalgia! I sometimes substitute freshly ground fennel seeds. I also find cooking slowly in the oven gives the sauce a dark mahogany colour and a richness that cooking on the hob sometimes misses. It's the Maillard reaction I believe!

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Wee Nell March 17, 2010

This is an incredible recipe. The flavors are so complex and it's such a hearty and tasty sauce. This is my now go to Bolognese recipe. The only change I made was instead of adding the salt, I added the rind of some left over Parmigiano-Reggiano and let it simmer with the sauce, then removed before serving. (I got this idea from Rachel Ray, and it adds a wonderful flavor to any pasta sauce). Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe. My family and I thank you.

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WannaBChef82 February 21, 2012

This recipe led to one of the better Bolognese sauces that I have ever had. I occasionally have to work long hours overnight in my home office so I was looking for a recipe that would take a few hours to make to help pass some of the time. I followed this recipe as closely as possible (I eyeballed most of the herbs, spices, and wet ingredients) and let it simmer for around 3 hours. It was absolutely delicious and I would say that it could rival any Italian grandmother's recipe. Next time I make this I will add just a touch more salt though. All in all, this was a fantastic recipe.

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Alex H. June 21, 2015

I have been making this recipe since I found it 5 years ago. I just realized I've never given it a review which is quite the crime as it is my families and friends favorite dish. THIS is the BEST bolognese you will ever try! Hands down! I make the recipe exactly as instructed but with one change. I use ground sausage instead of ground pork. This first happened on accident (sending husband to the market) I went with it, and it was delicious. It is fabulous both ways but with the sausage it adds that extra kick. Oh and instead of using American bacon I use Pancetta chopped up. It's not as fatty and gives it a lovely authentic Italian flavor. A lot of reviews recommended using more tomatoes.. I would suggest just trying it like this. Bolognese is actually a meat sauce not a red sauce. The tomato infused beef is what us Americans have made the dish into, which is also good, but not this dish....which is excellent. If you want tomato sauce have meat ball marinara. If you want REAL bolognese try this dish. Thank you Chef for sharing!

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Chef Kerry-Ann May 01, 2015

Delicious recipe! The bacon didn't quite work the way it was described -- the fat didn't cook off with the vegetables, so I fried the bacon separately, chopped it, and added it back in. I also added half a can of tomato paste to make it just a little more tomato-y. Quite smoky-tasting -- will try pancetta next time -- but once I added the homemade fettucine and grated parmesan, this was heavenly!

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Magpie63 May 15, 2011

Really, really delicious recipe, even my fussy 3 year old gobbled it up. I used a beef bone broth in place of the consomme as it was what I had on hand. This recipe takes longer to prepare than the one I usually use but it's definitely worth the time.

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Melissa J. March 13, 2016

This recipe was the BEST. Easy to due an flavor was amazing. Keeper

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Cynthia J. L. December 11, 2015

This is a very flavorful dish. I went into this using low salt everything except the beef base and it was still very salty.

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Anonymous November 08, 2015

Really was looking forward to this since I had a delightful bolognese about 30 years ago ...and none since! I followed the directions exactly, but the end product was very salty. If I make this again, I will omit salt until the end. Should I go as far as low sodium consommé? Also, I would definitely do pancetta, as trying to separate the lean from the fat on the bacon was a little too labor intensive for me.

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senorac59 October 21, 2015

This is not authentic in the loosest sense of term. I am from Arba in Friuli Italy and this is not even close to the bolognese sauce that you buy from store. dissapointing.

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spidersinmyharddrive September 23, 2015
"REAL" Italian Bolognese Sauce