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id give this 10 stars if i could!! it`s like an exquisite piece of artwork! i wanted to try this recipe because it sounded slow and good and there wasnt a rating on it yet; the planets must have been aligned :) thank you! i was stirring the onions, thinking how the aroma of the onions wasnt getting any more appealing, even when browning them (which, just for note`s sake, they went soft like pad thai noodles for while before the liquid all evaporated, then when browning them they lost their silkiness and became more clumpy)....but then, the magic began when the vermouth went in - and from there, how it melded with the broth and the onions -after the full 30 minutes, into a taste delight. i will never substitute with white wine again! i used cubed stock (which i diluted down to lose to half strength) - even then, despite how god it tastes, it`s clear how crude it must taste compared to using good quality stock as the balance of flavours in this is so beautifully calculated....im going to try making real baguettes tomorrow to have together with this, but i couldnt wait to share my excitement! im going to have to make do with jahrlsberg/parmesan, but next special occasion i am definitely making this EXACTLY as stated, because it`s one of those rare recipes where it really is perfect. thanks again :)

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lightawake April 09, 2010
Real French Onion Soup