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I hate to say it, but I can't rate this one yet! I have a feeling it is a 5 star, but user error on my end prevented me from making this correctly (I think). First let me say that the flavor is 5 star, so yummy and buttery. I think the problem is that I guess I don't know what a Praline really is. I thought they were just nuts coated with the praline sauce. But now I'm not sure. The recipe said to "spoon" onto the wax paper, so that makes me think that they are they supposed to be like "candy patties", not just sweet nuts. My candy thermometer doesn't have a "soft-boil" stage, but it did have a "soft-ball" reading. I'm not a candy maker so I figured soft-ball would work.(?) I'm not sure I understood what it really meant to "beat until the mixture holds its shape". The mixture certainly got thicker after 5 minutes of beating, but not super thick. I ended up just pouring the mixture out onto the paper. All that being said, I have been picking the nuts out of the mixture for the last hour and eating them...they are really fantastic tasting. If I can get a little more guidance I will definitely try again!

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Mrs Goodall July 12, 2006

This wasn't my first time making praline candy and I wanted to try it out with different ingredients than what I usually make the cany with and I really liked the final outcome. They were really creamy and the recipe was very thorough I was very pleased with my pralines.

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Lauren M. May 06, 2015
Real Deal Pralines