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Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! I had just picked up some whole chickens today but didn't want to roast them like I usually do; thankfully this recipe popped up in my search and it really did save the day! It was my first time making chicken noodle soup, let alone from scratch, and the instructions were perfect. I followed it almost to a T except for the addition of a few more seasonings: a teaspoon of thyme, some garlic powder, and two large bay leaves to give a little more oomph to the stock. (Which by the way, was a huge winner in my house!) I also didn't have egg noodles so I used fettuccine instead, which worked out well. The pasta was so flavourful after soaking up all the lovely flavours of the stock :) Everyone loved the soup and I'll definitely make this again!

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yamakarasu February 28, 2009

I never follow a recipe when I make my homemade chicken soup; I just toss in this and that. Well, I followed this one exactly, except I cut the chicken in quarters for easier handling and cooling. The broth was very good. I also added just the breast meat back to the soup and made my own noodles. I think it was the best pot of soup I ever made! I would recommend this as a perfect recipe for a novice soup maker. Thanks for an easy, straight forward recipe Dans La Lune! Made and enjoyed for PAC Spring '09.

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ElaineAnn April 20, 2009

Really good flavor. I dont like alot o; meat in my soup or stew, but everyone else does. I like this, kinda flavors us all. Thanks

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august26 October 06, 2010
Real Chicken Noodle Soup