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The word "real" should be removed from this recipe. Few specific info are missing to have the "REAL" poutine. For example: It should be the Red potato from Manitoba. Is should be Conola oil. Is should be the cheese curds (salted cheddard) sold and made in Quebec. And the real poutine sauce also sold in Quebec. Few restaurants in other provinces do import the real stuff. But the further you go more rare it gets. This recipe is good but there is a difference between good, very good and excellent. It' all good until you have the "real one". Be ready for a choc when you do. If there is mozzarella in it , I, personnaly, wouldn't call it Poutine. Just a close resemblance of it. Mario (from Quebec living in Alberta).

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pikabiker April 19, 2009

From a true Canadian, try fried Hamburger (fried up with your favorite spices) under the gravy and cheese! This makes a meal out of poutine! It's served in pubs all over New Brunswick! Enjoy!

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Amanda's Kitchen September 14, 2008

I had to try this. I have heard about it, but just didn't get it. But don't knock it until you try it. Well, a friend stopped over for lunch today and it happened my neighbor who just came back from WI yesterday, brought me fresh cheese curds. DELISH. I have fried them before and had them in a few other dishes but NOT Poutine.

So, My friend brought me over some bangers she had for the Opening Olympic Ceremonies last night, so we figured we would do the Poutine too. Why Not?

I admit to using pre-cut OreIda fries, but I did fry them. Also; I did use a pkg gravy mix, but jazzed it up a bit, with a little wine and herbs, just to get away from that pkg flavor. Again, I was trying not to buy anything and use what I had. I had both white and sharp cheddar, so 1/2 the plate had one and 1/2 the plate had the other.

OK, I'm a fan. Never thought I would be, but OMG is that addictive.

I'm sure using the gravy, curds, etc from the area would be wonderful; but I thought it worked just fine with what I had. Just like any dish, using authentic ingredients to that area, always makes it better; but, I certainly didn't have any complaints.

Calories ... Fried, Gravy and curds; doesn't qualify as low fat; but hey, how often do you make it. It was a great treat. We loved it. I would make it again for a party - and this turned out really good.

My only think would be to make my own gravy; just because I don't like canned; but the pkg isn't too bad if you doctor it up a bit. And the fries, absolutely, I would of made my own; but this was a last minute thing, so I used what I had. Fresh fries absolutely would be the way to go.

But thx for a quick easy recipe, which we enjoyed!!

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SarasotaCook July 28, 2012

This is similar to what I make. I use mozzarella curds, a packet of Brown gravy, fries, and salt. YUMMY. I've never had Quebec's poutine, only Ontario...they use brown or beef gravy instead of the modified chicken Veloute.

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Momma21 July 19, 2011

Wish i could give this more than 5 stars.

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Bluenoser November 05, 2008

I became addicted to this when I was in Montreal for 3 weeks. It is wonderful. We have a farm about a mile from us who make all sorts of cheese from milk from their own cows and sell it under the brand name of Farmhouse Cheese. They also make cheese curds, but you have to get there early because they sell out fast! Their herbed cheese curds are great with this dish. It is so yummy. I usually make it when I feel I am a quart low on cholesterol! Marilyn Warren

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m.warren October 03, 2007

This satisfied our cravings for some REAL poutine! We don't have a deep fryer so we found it took quite awhile to fry the potatoes, (about 35 minutes) I think we just really wanted to eat this delicious meal and had a hard time waiting. We recommend the real squeaky cheddar cheese curds, we've had mozza before and it's really not the same. Enjoy! This is a great recipe for a real taste of Canada!

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cndn_eh February 03, 2007

Damn, I want Poutine now.

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Lorry May 29, 2005

This is Canadian cuisine at it's finest, pue and simple. My family has been making poutine for as long as I can remeber and this is the recipe that we use. After a recent drive through Quebec and seeing all of the casse croutes along the highway, I was CRAVING poutine. But not the soggy McDonald's stuff, the real, lick your chops, calorie loaded cheesecurds, melt in your mouth kind. Mmm...poutine...truly an art form.

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BirdyBaker May 28, 2005

This is just plain fabulous. And to Pikabiker, I am so surprised that you insist on using Canola Oil when it is absolutely bad for us, and are so particular on the other ingredients!

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eileen.ross May 20, 2016
Real Canadian Poutine