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This is a great stew. I really wanted to make itand since I have no crock pot, I figured, people in Texas cooked before there were crock pots so I should be able to make this in a heavy Dutch oven on top of the stove. I was right--and because I knew SQ swears by this recipe, I made no other changes (except my Lousiana hot sauce is Crystal). Since I was cooking on the the stove, I cooked slowly but still it was ready in maybe an hour and a half. GREAT! Admittedly, I removed the seeds and ribs from the jalepenos (which were mild) and I used mild Rotel (the last of my precious stock, sent from Texas) and I have been informed on good authority that no Texan worth her salt would use those wuss Rotel mild tomatoes. But for a New Yorker, I think I did pretty well--and I do love black eyed peas and okra. My only complaint (a teeny one): I think it could use even more tomatoes and okra. And SQ, what do you think of the idea of substituting hominy for the black eyed peas?

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Chef Kate July 20, 2006
Rayann's Southwest Chicken