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So good!!!- I did two batches...one as stated and the other w/ cacao added to the cream and the cookie part kept all white...my nuts were a mix of cashew and almond and I used the suggestion of mixing the carob and cacao...(oh I did two batches because I had so much icing left after the first batch-lol-guess I ate a lot of the dough-??? heh-heh (it is soooooo gooooood) ;) - the icing was a bit tricky for me to work with in the extreme heat wave we have going on here right now ...and in the fridge it gets hard fast (too hard so don't chill the icing in the bowl and expect to be able to work with it right away) 'cause I chilled it for a few hours while I made more dough and then let it set out and it would get too hot...if you have good climate control should be no prob. but it was super hot in my kitchen all week and I was like "Lucy" trying to made my chocolates before my icing turned too soupy-lol...- I have to work on technique here more; my cookies were kinda sloppy-but I don't really care about the presentation when it comes to something so yummy!:) - - -excellent recipe share-thanks happybella :) - can not wait to make more!!!- LOVED THEM!!!

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free-free June 26, 2010

great recipe! my kids loved them! i used prunes instead of dates - oops - shopping error. i had to guess and test with the number of prunes to use, but they turned out great! dates are in the cupboard now and we'll be testing the recipe out again!

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nguthrie85 July 09, 2012

Wow! These are better than Oreos. Thanks so much for the recipe. I used almond meal from trader joes and ended up with too fine a texture, so I made an "Oreo crumble." Next time I'll use raw almonds and make sure I have a dough before I put it in the dehydrator. Otherwise, it tasted incredible.

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Jdvns December 19, 2010
Raw Vegan Oreo Cookies