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Just made this and can't stop eating the batter. I used honey instead of agave and only used 3/4 cup. I added some chopped dark chocolate. I can't wait til it's frozen but right now it's wonderful!

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WeazelChef May 03, 2010

Love it! Thanks for sharing

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DitaVT December 10, 2008

My husband and I really enjoyed this. The children have yet to thoroughly enjoy a raw vegan ice cream dessert. I thought it was brilliant to put the coconut and cashews together since I have made either a cashew based ice cream or a coconut based ice cream. The way it turned out so creamy was fantastic also. Thanks for sharing. I was searching for a good ice cream using fresh young coconuts. Perfect!!!

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gdlehman August 27, 2008

Not being a nut fan and being a HUGE ice cream fan, I was skeptical to say the least - but this stuff won me over! I'm not saying it tastes exactly like ice cream - but for being a raw substitute I must say it was really delightful :) I am personally a fan of the chocolate version... may I suggest doing a double batch because it is tastey enough you'll want more, but it is a lot of work - so do it all at once! I discovered a new variation! Mocha - use strong coffee instead of the water and add the cocoa of the chocolate variation (or I use 4 squares of a Ghiradelli 100% Cacao bar). You can make it mocha chip by adding chopped chocolate (I use 72%). This version has won over ice cream eaters who don't have issues with dairy! It's just plain yummy!

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Meghan Williams April 02, 2008
Raw Vegan Ice Cream