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These were great and easy to make for a first-timer like me. I divided the batch in thirds and made one third topped with seasoning salt, one with herbs and another with sesame seeds. Great taste from this healthy munchie! I can see this is part of our regular fare. Thank you for posting!

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Glori-B March 11, 2010

These are easy prep and easy to find the ingredients ( I used all Organic)- since not everyone has a dehydrator or 16 hours to make them in an open running oven at 110 degrees seems like too much time for one batch of crackers. My dad who is a type"O" meat eater loved them. I found the salt and Garlic to be a bit much. I also think there could be easy substitutions like cranberries or other dried fruits. Be careful that you do make them THIN because they come out rubbery if they are too thick( try to make them 1/8" if you can) - Oh, also if you don't have the plastic trays you can use a cookie sheet but you NEED to put some type of parchment or waxed paper or oil release otherwise the batter WILL stick like glue to the pan, you'll never get the cracker out. Overall, the taste is ok. I may make them again using no garlic and half the amount of salt and maybe try different types of seeds or fruits too. Have fun, enjoy. :-)

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beadshow2006 May 09, 2009

This recipe is great as it is and is also a great jumping point for the adventurer! I recently made these and substituted raisins for Craisins and the total of 1 cup sesame seeds (both ground and whole) for 1 cup ground pumpkin seeds and it was great! If you're going to work with a dried fruit that's not as sweet (i.e. figs), make sure you use more (maybe like 3/4 cup). For those of you using round dehydrators - spread the batter evenly on 2 teflex sheets. Really Delicious!!!

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ditzybrunettesix March 22, 2009

Great raw crackies :)...I have made similar concoctions but your suggested blend of ground and whole is way better then any others I have tried...the perfect mix of sweet, savory and salty great texture and right touch of crispiness...really loved them! ...my drying time ran about 18 ish hrs (i think roughly give or take- I was doing a few different trays of things that ran different times each )...I tagged these for "New Kids on the Block Game"...&, liked them so much I made your Raw Unbaked Buckwheat Sesame Raisin Crackers too :) (& it is 5*****'s as well :) -Thanks for sharing and keep these winners coming please!!! :) _Thanks again

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free-free February 23, 2009
Raw Unbaked Honey Raisin Flax Crackers