Raw Unbaked Buckwheat Sesame Raisin Crackers

READY IN: 26hrs
Recipe by jsewards01

These crackers are light and have a nutty flavor.

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Loved them :) -just had to try these (I love buckwheat _ great idea to grind it ...I have not done that before yet - ended up putting it in my nut grinder = thanks for the idea :) ...I did added a bit of whole flax in to my batter to thicken it (just worked that way this time) ended up using honey instead of maple this time (was what I had) got two trays so started fooling around adding a bit of minced date, chili, & cracked pepper to some for a sweet and spicy flavor play...:) I think that is what is fun about making raw recipes :) (the adventure and what you get inspired to do at the time) -annnywaaay - Thanks for posting! Great crackers!!

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  1. Blend soaked buckwheat groats (with any remaining water) and raisins with raisin water and continue until raisins are broken up. Add maple syrup, garlic, and salt, When well blended, add ground and whole sesame seeds. Spread mixture fairly thin onto drying sheets. I spread one and a half cups of mixture onto 12" x 18" thin plastic sheets available in cake supplies and a glass table with a lamp on the floor to check the thickness. Be careful not to spread too thinly as crackers will disintegrate when flipping them. Put cracker sheets in dehydrator at 110 degrees (or on cookie sheet in oven at lowest setting and door open). Remove after about 2-4 hours and score crackers for breaking and return. Flip crackers onto screen as soon as they can be handled without breaking (after about 6-12 hours) and return until crisp (another 12-24 hours). If crackers are allowed to stay on plastic sheets too long, they will stick like glue!

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