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I came across this recipe at a raw vegan potluck and decided to get the recipe for myself as it was just so good!

I`ve made it a few times now but it`s slightly different than the one I had at the potluck - I find 1/2 tsp salt way too salty so I bring it down to 1/8 tsp. I also drop the honey/ agave nectar down to about 2 tbsp as I find it makes the topping too sweet and liquidy - To make up for the lost sweetness in the sweet potato mix, I add a bit more dates. I usually don`t make it with vanilla, and I don`t have any problems with it being grainy - I just make sure to process it long enough.

I`ve let a few non-raw-vegans try it with most people`s feedback being really great. An wonderful recipe! Before this, I never knew I could eat sweet potatoes raw, and not get sick!

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Ravenhood January 18, 2012

OMG this is fantastic! I can't imagine someone not liking this! It is perfect. Blend well to get get really smooth... it is divine! I will be making this every holiday meal. Thanks!

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sryseff March 18, 2010

for raw it was, eh. I like the concept and for looks it was awesome. But it pretty much tasted like a slightly sweet raw sweet potato, which if you've ever tasted is a strong starchy flavor. I blended mine in a food processor as instructed and while it was smooth enough for looks, mouth feel was grainy which also wasn't appealing. To me it wasn't palatable, I had a couple of forkfuls, then tried dehydrating it in muffin cups to see if it would help defuse the strong raw taste. It didn't. If you like the taste of a slightly sweet RAW sweet potato, you'll enjoy this. If you don't, I wouldn't try it.

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Narshmellow November 28, 2009

I have been attempting to go raw for a long time now. Not knowing of a few good desserts has been my problem. Then I thought raw potatoes? Eeeeooow! But, this recipe is out of this world delish!!! My very skeptical son is in love with it and I am very happy. Next, I want to try the recipe for Nature's Cake. Honestly, try this...it's extremely healthy and extremely delicious.

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lyndawillow March 13, 2009

I loved this!! I had made Nature's Cake about a month before this and when I tagged this playing the "Healthy Choices Game" I did not notice that they were both by the same person...no wonder I enjoyed BOTH so much!! This dish pushed all the right buttons for me...It has a simplicity that is appealing but an interesting texture and layers of flavor...I enjoyed the sweet potato raw...something a bit carrot like about it - but tasted less orange...if you know what I mean!? I think I did it right...mine came out almost pudding like...with some texture of the chopped nut left-I liked it that way so to me that's what matters most. I did end up having refrigerate mine because I made it on a day that hit around 90 degrees, but liked it chilled and did not find it to heavy to enjoy in the oppressive heat...it is filling, a little bit goes a long way...good for you and easy to "whip" together!! Food processor cooking is my new favorite summer method!!! Thank you - yogi, for another great recipe!!!

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free-free June 26, 2007

We ended up having this as a dessert, as it was summer & really the wrong time of year to be having wintery meals (which is the kind of savoury food this would go best with). And I must say it does work very well as a dessert! I had never eaten raw sweet potato before (except the odd nibble here & there whilst cooking!) & was very pleasantly suprised. It is best well-pureed, though; I only have a hand blender & it was really hard to get it smooth enough. It was still pretty nice even without being totally smooth, but I can imagine some people having an issue with the texture. I then made it again at my parent's house, who do have a good food processor, and it turned out REALLY nice! I have since made it again, and this time added a tiny bit more water & warmed it gently on the lowest temperature of my oven (just under 50C/120F), which still qualifies as "raw food" according to most authorities. This method satisfies the urge to eat something warm when the weather isn't so nice, without losing the possible health benefits of eating raw foods. I'm starting to try to eat more raw stuff (although I can't imagine I'd ever go completely raw! Too many lovely cooked recipes out there!), and it's really nice to have something like this that seems quite indulgent but is actually pretty healthy. Thanks Yogi!

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Miss Dipsy August 30, 2006
Raw Sweet Potato Casserole