Raw Food: Almond-Based Berry Smoothie

Total Time
7 mins
0 mins

I saw this recipe on a raw food lecture video. Although, I don't follow the raw food diet, I like some of the recipes. This one is good because it's dairy-free and sugar-free. I've also used kiwi in place of the berries with good results. (Prep. time doesn't includ soaking time.)

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  1. Drain and rinse almonds.
  2. Put all ingredients in a blender. I put them in in order, and I never have a problem with the dates getting stuck in the bottom.
  3. Pulse until the chunks are broken up. Then blend until smooth.
  4. Makes 2 servings. I eat one serving, and save the other for the following day. The banana will cause some discoloration in the saved serving, but the taste is still good.