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Why does anyone buy junk food when delicious, healthy recipes like this are available. Thanks for sharing RaWziLLLa. Fun name. Are you the Godzilla of Raw food?

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pmegeed May 03, 2010

I've been making this for 8 years now and every time it's a hit. Definitely satisfies the fudge craving. Very simple to make. I suggest adding some shaved lemon rind as decoration on top which also helps being out the flavor. If you're just experimenting with raw foods or have been raw for years, this is a delicious, simple recipe that is sure to please any palate :) in joy

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Staceylynnacevedo March 08, 2013

So glad you shared this recipe! I lost my cookbook and this is my hubby's favourite raw recipe.
I love that it's easy and uses common ingredients.

I suggest going by the recipe and NOT soaking the raisins. If you soak them the torte will not be nice and 'fudgy' but will be a sloppy mess and not taste as good. I just tried soaking them and hoping to recover that blunder in the dehydrator...snack bars?

A great rich treat that's good for you and keeps well for a few days on the counter if the raisins aren't soaked.

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Homemade Momma June 24, 2012

I give this 5 stars for taste, nutrition, and simplicity-- but took away a star because the directions need some clarification, the raisins should really be pre-soaked. Soaking the dates for a couple hours or overnight is a must to make the "frosting". But the raisins should also be soaked for an hour or two because I had to put in a few tablespoons of water to get most of the raisins to become cohesive with the walnuts, and there were still whole raisins in there. I pressed it into an 8" pie pan and it cut more easily after refridgerating for a few hours though I couldn't help but grab a huge glob after it was done blending. Next time I make this I'm definitely soaking the raisins. All in all though, a great raw recipe.

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the80srule July 10, 2010
Raw Date Nut Torte