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We had this tonight for dinner and DH Raved! Yay!! Made it exactly as written except: substituted almonds for the cashews and omitted the tomato. I doubled the water to make up for the lost liquid from the tomato ... and I confess, I threw in a third Medjool date ;) Delish. Served with a dollop of sour cream and a baby lettuce salad. We'll be having this again soon, for sure! Thank you for posting!

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Glori-B January 12, 2010

This is my favorite raw dish I have made so far! I went ahead and used a full head of cauliflower because I needed to use it up, and it seemed like plenty of sauce. I also added some unsweetened coconut flakes.

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Neomia December 19, 2009

Addictive! I LOVE raw cauliflower and I used the purple variety which looked beautiful and tasted divine. I made some changes: I didn't have chili powder so I added some ground ginger and coriander. I added a couple hot peppers as I like it spicy. I used currants instead of raisins (which are essential, delicious & sweet), raw pumpkin seeds & almonds instead of cashews, coconut water for the regular water (I don't actually feel it needed the liquid). I also added 2 T. of shredded coconut for a little complexity in flavor. I would strongly advise adding to your recipe to MARINATE THIS FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR AND SERVE AT ROOM TEMP! Can't wait to make this again. Maybe tomorrow since I finished the whole thing!

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Suzy_Q October 12, 2008

I frequent goneraw so I was familiar w/ this one {{had it stashed in my "recipe box" there}}; but had not given it a go until I tagged it playing Healthy Choices Tag here at ZAAR...one helpful hint I found from the person who posted it to GR was to place the cauliflower into the blender until it almost resembles couscous...{{well that's how I liked it}} big hit at my house...the local farm I visit has incredible cauliflower right now and we bought a "Cheddar" colored one that added a lot to the visual delight to the dish as well...super good raw dish...Mr. free-free brought some to work where his peeps freaked over it too and wanted the recipe! :) ->->->->->Thanks for the share...YUMMY!!!

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free-free October 06, 2008

I didn't like this at first, but that was probably personal preference. I *loved* the raisins, but I thought I might like the cauliflower better if I were to wilt it a little in a dehydrator and, for me, the sauce was too strong. But maybe my curry powder wasn't mild enough, and I wondered if maybe the turmeric was giving a slight bitter flavor. Then I tried it with Cashew Sour Cream - Non-Dairy Sour Cream Alternative/Substitute and wow! it was good! (Of course, I like raita with Indian food.) So, I will probably play around with this recipe. Thank you for posting it! Reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC tag.

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mliss29 July 23, 2008

Wow- this is really good! It's super esay to make as well. I made a double batch because we are swimming in cauliflower right now. Hubby has been eating it all week in his lunch, and has also tried microwaving it as well (just to change it up a bit- the raw is great). Thanks for posting this recipe, it's a keeper.

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VegSocialWorker June 26, 2008
Raw Cauliflower Korma