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Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I found this recipe on written by KatyUK. I have changed it a bit to my tastes but is raw and awesome!

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  1. To make the base: Chop cauliflower into small pieces, add raisins and mix. Set aside.
  2. To make sauce: Put all remaining ingredients in a blender and mix at a high speed until combined and sauce-like – add more water (or some raw nut milk) if required.
  3. To serve: Pour sauce over cauliflower and eat! (You could pour over any mix of chopped veggies!) The curry sauce is so good!
  4. Tips: Recipe Editor would not let me add to the prep notes that above so I will add it here, before adding to the blender it will help if you chop all the veggies and dates!
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This is my favorite raw dish I have made so far! I went ahead and used a full head of cauliflower because I needed to use it up, and it seemed like plenty of sauce. I also added some unsweetened coconut flakes.

Neomia December 18, 2009

I frequent goneraw so I was familiar w/ this one {{had it stashed in my "recipe box" there}}; but had not given it a go until I tagged it playing Healthy Choices Tag here at helpful hint I found from the person who posted it to GR was to place the cauliflower into the blender until it almost resembles couscous...{{well that's how I liked it}} big hit at my house...the local farm I visit has incredible cauliflower right now and we bought a "Cheddar" colored one that added a lot to the visual delight to the dish as well...super good raw dish...Mr. free-free brought some to work where his peeps freaked over it too and wanted the recipe! :) ->->->->->Thanks for the share...YUMMY!!!

free-free October 06, 2008

Wow- this is really good! It's super esay to make as well. I made a double batch because we are swimming in cauliflower right now. Hubby has been eating it all week in his lunch, and has also tried microwaving it as well (just to change it up a bit- the raw is great). Thanks for posting this recipe, it's a keeper.

VegSocialWorker June 26, 2008