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This was SO good. Was going to try the variations, but the plain recipe was delicious as is. I only had one lemon, so I grated the zest, squeezed in the lemon juice, and added 1 cap full (about 1 tsp) of raw apple cider vinegar - my go-to when I don't have enough lemon/lime. Oh, this is so good. You have to try it. I need to make a double batch next time. I love cashew hummus. This makes me want to eat more veggies, so I can dip them in hummus.

Thank you to this recipe's creator - yummy!

P.S. Not only does unpasteurized ACV improve the flavor of things like guacamole and hummus with its slight hint of sweet, but it helps create stable blood sugar, a good thing for anyone who has diabetes.

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aliwessel February 09, 2012
Raw Cashew Hummus - Bean-Free!