Raw Beet Top Soup

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by David Hof

This is a method my girlfriend and I discovered to get massive amounts of raw fresh greens in that tastes pretty good too. It works with basically any type of greens.

Top Review by mliss29

Very good! I ate it all myself (over three meals), but my husband did try it and say he liked it too. I was too lazy the first two times to add the chopped veggies and it is good that way too. The first taste is the bitter of the beet tops, but then there is the avocados and mushrooms in there too. It's a very interesting experience (probably mainly for grown-ups). I put chopped tomatoes, mushroom, and carrots on for the final bowl. Yummy! If you have refrigerated it, I think it's best to let it warm up a little before eating it. It's more flavorful that way. Thanks! Great recipe! Reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC Tag.

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  1. Begin roughly chopping beet tops and parsley. Place beet tops in a blender with parsley, water, oil, and spices. Blend until well chopped and smooth. It may need a little extra water and oil to get it to blend well. Once it has blended a little though, the rest should blend pretty well also. Cut the first group of ginger, avocado, tomatoes and mushrooms into chunks. Also add these to the blender. This will enhance the flavor and smooth it out a lot. Now let it blend for about a minute or two to let everything get smooth. This is the base for this raw soup.
  2. At this point you may want to add extra seasonings to give it just the taste you want.
  3. Finally, place in small bowls and add the extra chopped vegetables, avocado, mushrooms, celery, carrot, tomato.
  4. Bon Apetit.

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