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This recipe is awesome. I found it this past weekend and saved it for a future attempt at making ravioli. However, I was ambitious today and made the dough to use as fresh pasta. I pulsed the salt and flour together in my food processor, then added the eggs and water. I processed only a short time, until the mixture formed into a ball, and only had to knead a few minutes.

To make the noodles, I worked with 1/4 of the dough at a time, rolling as thin as possible, squared off with a small pizza cutter, and cut the noodles as uniform as I could.

Thanks for such an easy, delicious pasta dough recipe.

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ChiCook September 26, 2011

These ravioli turned out great! I used the ricotta and ham filling and pressed the edges down with a fork. The reviewer below said the water amount was way too much, but I actually had to add more water to get the dough to come together. Next time I will add more to get the dough thinner as my ravioli were a bit thick. I also used whole wheat flour and it worked well.

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c@teberry July 22, 2010

Easy and great flavor for the ravioli. I have used filling 1 and 2 in both this dough and Basic Fresh Pasta. Just be sure to let them dry on cloth for at least one hour. Update: I made the beef and spinach filling and toasted them for dinner. Still love them.

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adopt a greyhound March 07, 2010

OMG really? I never knew that making a homemade ravioli could be so easy. I am legally blind and let me tell you that did not make any differance. The recipe for the pasta was great!! Although I did decide to make my own fillings one was with cream cheese, crab and green onion (awesome) The other was chorizo and jimmy dean sausage I cant believe how easy this was!! TY so much for sharing the recipe I am sure I will use it for years to come.

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Sherry Pelmear July 25, 2011

I just made this last night, and it was fantastic! I used a slight variation of filling ingredients based on what I had on hand, so I thought I would share it for others to try. I boiled a chicken breast and when it was cool shredded it into small pieces. Then I put the shredded chicken in a bowl with one egg, a couple tablespoons of parmesean, a handful of mozzerella, and some italian seasoning. It turned out really good with a simple tomato sauce to finish the raviolis off, and even my picky 3-year-old loved them!

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amzys9599 April 16, 2009

the recipe was amazing. the first time i just used sausage for filling and the second time i did a fried ravioli variation. it turned out fantastic both time.

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ashleyhazel12 July 31, 2011

A great Ravioli dough recipe that was very easy and very yummy. The dough was very easy to work with and formed raviolis nicely. However, I used a filling recipe similar to what one of the previous reviewers mentioned: I mixed a boiled, shredded chicken with an egg, parmesan cheese, italian seasoning and some cheddar cheese. The only problem that I encountered was that I did not roll the dough thin enough and did not fill the pockets enough which left air pockets in the ravioli. Next time I will make sure I roll it thin enough and fill it properly. Served it with Kittencal's Marinara Pasta Sauce (Vegetarian) Kittencal's Marinara Pasta Sauce (Vegetarian).

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K's October 04, 2009

These were awesome! It didn't take a full 15 minutes for mine to be done. Thanks for a great recipe!

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bmarie May 25, 2009

If I could give this dough recipe 100 stars I would! I've made it very often since first trying it. I use a pasta machine and the best tip I came across was to VERY lightly dust the dough with cornflour before passing it thru the machine. It won't stick at all. This tip revolutionised pasta making for me as did this fantastic recipe. Just one note: depending on the egg size (we have our own hens so the eggs I use aren't sized) I sometimes have to add a little water/flour. My original review: I made filling 1 with homemade ricotta cheese. Served it with tomato sauce and cheese. Delicious.

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npsmama September 19, 2008

Excellent! I made the sausage filling, and it was great. I'm not a huge fan of ravioli, but these are the best i've ever had. I think the time is well worth it. Thanks

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KillerTasteBuds December 29, 2009
Ravioli (Dough and Choice of 4 Fillings)