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YUM! I substituted 1/2 cup Chambord raspberry liqueur instead of the wine and this was a delicious sweet raspberry-flavored bread - would be nice for breakfast or afternoon tea and no butter's necessary. This is great on its own! It baked perfectly in exactly 30 minutes.

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FLKeysJen February 28, 2008

3 Stars - I really had no expectations for this recipe, as I did not know what toaster bread was. I was intrigued by the ingredients & the method but I was not sure what time of day to serve it or even what to serve it with. After having made it I think it is probably a breakfast item. It was easy to make, but the preserves did not distribute throughout the batter easily. Instead they all just sank to the bottom of the spring form pan. After baking it was very dark on top, but not burnt, & it had ballooned up in the middle & on one side. When cooled & sliced, the preserves were pretty much glue at the bottom of the bread but I was still able to remove the slices to a baking sheet without much trouble. I broiled most of the slices, leaving some in the just baked stage, for about 3 minutes each side & then had DH & DS taste them. We had some mixed reviews. The bread was just okay, for me. I did not really get much flavor. It was not as sweet as I wouldd serve for breakfast, but it was not savory enough to serve for an afternoon meal either. DS (15 yrs old) liked the bread toasted, DD (18 months) ate it both ways & DH liked it better just baked. I do not necessarily think that the recipe went wrong; I just don’t think it satisfied me enough to make it the same way twice. I may make it again but I will try adding some vanilla or almond extract & maybe replace the preserves with dried berries instead. Made & reviewed for RSC#11, January 2008.

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**Tinkerbell** February 23, 2008

I was really excited to try this! I thought it sounded perfect for Valentine’s day and I’ve never heard of toaster bread OR wine in bread batter. The cream cheese wouldn’t completely ‘melt’ into the rest of the batter, it stayed in tiny bits. For the jam I first put it in a small bowl and stirred it fast until it was smooth, then I dolloped it on and swirled it in. That worked well. I checked it at 45 minutes and it was DONE. I would recommend checking it at 25-30 minutes. I did put in the red food coloring, but I would leave it out next time. I thought it was a funny color (my boss liked it though). I colored ALL the batter, but the bottom and edges came out of the oven just plain bread color! There was a bowl-shaped pink part. Weird! Anyway, despite the fact that it was a bit overdone, it was enjoyable! The edges were a bit dry, but the center had a wonderful texture and I liked the taste, sweet, but not too sweet. The bits of cream cheese didn’t seem to detract from the taste or texture. I ate it both cold and toasted (in a toaster oven), and it was good both ways, I think I prefer it toasted though. Thanks! I think I’ll be trying this again!

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SweetySJD February 22, 2008
Raspberry Wine Toaster Bread