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I made this cake for a co-worker's birthday. She is a big fan of raspberries and white chocolate. I saw another recipe on here that was very similar except that it used a lot of raspberry extract and no preserves. This recipe appealed to me because I personally find raspberry extract to be very artificial tasting and reminiscent of cough syrup. I followed the recipe exactly, using a Betty Crocker white cake mix and white baking chocolate instead of chips (but in the same measurement). It tasted quite delicious, moist and not overpowering in any one flavor. The layer of preserves and frosting between the two cake layers was delightful. My one caution is that the frosting is a) quite sweet and b) quite dense, especially when refrigerated. The chocolate in the frosting causes it to harden up, almost like a fudge, rather than frosting. You'll note I'm not complaining just explaining. It was a rather delicious, if unexpected texture, a marriage of delectible, moist cake with a dense, white fudgy coating. Yum. I did put the lemon juice in the frosting and would recommend it as it does help, if ever so slightly, cut down a tad on the sweetness. Also, a little warning... before taking off for the office, let this puppy sit in the fridge for thirty minutes or so to prevent the layers from sliding apart from each other. They don't travel well otherwise. All and all, the cake was greatly enjoyed by all.

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GSCook March 12, 2012
Raspberry White Chocolate Cake