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It's hard for me to rate this because I messed it up SO badly! The end result was actually really delicious, but it was more like a sugary warm fruit pudding... For the crust I split the flour and used 1/2 cup of Quaker Oats and subbed in some brown sugar. This might not have been so bad, but I forget to add the 1/4 cup of flour to the sugar/egg mixture. The top was firmed up from baking but when I cut inside, it was a molten, sugary, fruity mess. Sooo we're just calling it yumberry pudding, because it actually did taste great. The Oats and brown sugar gave some nice texture, I used mixed berries that were nicely tart and the sugar goo amped up the sweetness. My partner said, "It's unlike anything I've every had before..." After we stopped laughing, everyone went in for seconds and agreed that it was still delicious. Looking forward to trying it properly next time!

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ThatKat April 27, 2012

This was pretty tasty and I could see it with several different fruits. I did like the combination of the hard crust with the softer fruit/nut topping. It is not sweet at all so for me the sauce was a definate topper. My mother made a simple powder sugar icing to top her slices. I didn't have walnuts so we had this with pecans. Thanks for an easy dessert that looked fancy. I also cooked this in a spingform pan.

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Ceezie March 12, 2012

Delicious! I didn't even put any raspberry syrup or whipped cream on it. It's light, delightful and yummy! This was very easy to make too. I used up some fresh raspberries I had in the fridge. I'm sure any kind of frozen berries would be good in this.

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Kar's Kitchen January 23, 2010

A great recipe that deserves a perfect 5 stars. Served it for company and several commented on how they enjoyed it. I didn't have time to thaw/drain my raspberries so I ended up cooking the torte about 10-15 mins longer. Used pecans vs walnuts. Didn't do the side sauce & served as is. Really enjoyed the tart vs sweet flavours, just the right balance. Thanks for sharing, definately a keeper.

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Mustang Sally 54269 August 31, 2009

Featured in my Book#237470. Originally reviewed on May 18, 2008. Divine decadence!! Perfect in every respect. Thanks for sharing a wonderful dessert! My photo shows the sauce jelled up b/c I did not reheat it and should have. The weight of the jelled juice instead of liquid juice pushed the spray whipping cream down plus I was taking too long to photograph. And DH and I were excited to taste test. I am still learning about the picture taking aspect. I am not as much "into" desserts as others but this one is a true keeper for the few times we indulge! Made for Everyday Is A Holiday tag.

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WiGal January 25, 2009

OMG this is the *Dessert* of all desserts! What's not to love, raspberries, walnuts, sugar ... This was made and served as directed and was a huge hit. Next time I make this... I will make two. Definitely a keeper in my book! I can't wait to make it again. Thanks for this fabulous recipe. I would give it more stars if I could ;) Delish ~V

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Vseward (Chef~V) November 15, 2007

Ooo Wee Mikekey! This is a darn good dessert! Another keeper. I made it as directed except my bag of raspberries was 12oz. I drained them right over a small pot to have the juice ready to make the sauce. The sauce is also wonderful! It would be good on many things... chocolate... lemon... which reminds me I also had made Incredibly Easy Lemon Curd, Ecuadorean Style. so I had some with this and I was in heaven...I LOVE raspberries and lemon together! I also topped it all off with canned whipped cream. YUM! This was very easy to make but seems so gourmet. The topping was a new experience for me...It's very good but breaks apart easily when you try to cut it. Thanks for another wonderful recipe mikekey. Made for Holiday Tag.

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Engrossed January 05, 2007

OOOH this is so Good! I added 1/2 tsp. almond extract to the bottom layer just because I love almond extract. I reheated the sauce the next day in the microwave and thinned it using a little water and the left overs were just as good as the first day. This recipe is a keeper!

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cookiedog December 02, 2006

*Loved* this! It is a lot easier to make than it might appear at first glance, but it would be worth it even if it were difficult. I really like the contrasts in taste and texture in the three layers. Anyone who loves raspberries should give this one a try--I know I'll be making it again!

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JeriBinNC November 26, 2006

This is actually an easy recipe with outstanding results, thanks for sharing this mikekey! I plan on making it again and using frozen strawberries next time!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz November 16, 2006
Raspberry Walnut Torte