Raspberry Swirl Cookies

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 8 mins

Beautiful delicate sugar cookie with red swirls of raspberry/coconut/walnut filling. I've been making these since I was 11, and I can't count how many times I've been asked for the recipe. I usually toast the coconut and walnuts for the raspberry filling. I love to make these as gifts or for cookie exchanges around Christmas. I think these came from a magazine, maybe "Southern Living."

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  1. Stir butter until smooth. Beat in sugar. Add egg and vanilla; beat well.
  2. In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, and salt. Add to creamed mixture, beating well.
  3. Shape dough into a ball. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill 2 hours.
  4. Meanwhile, combine all ingredients for raspberry filling.
  5. On floured wax paper roll dough into a 12x9 inch rectangle. Spread Raspberry Filling evenly to within 1/2-inch of edges. Carefully roll dough jellyroll fashion, starting at long end and peeling wax paper from dough as you roll. Pinch side seam to seal (leave ends open). Wrap in plastic wrap and chill 1 hour.
  6. Unwrap and cut into 1/4-inch slices. Place 2-inches apart on greased cookies sheets. Bake at 375° for 8-10 minutes or just before cookies begin to brown.
Most Helpful

Tasty and pretty easy. The quality of the jam used makes a huge difference!

ETA: Dough was too crumbly the second time I made this (not sure why, but I might not have measured carefully) so I made thumbprints instead. Still good and even easier, but I had quite a bit of the filling left (which is going to be used as a delicious pancake topping!).

Red Jenny December 23, 2011

Followed the recipie exactly and it's just a crumbly mess. Will find something to do with it though. Just can't roll it out.

Sandra E. December 18, 2015

Just made these and they are certainly tasty. I did everything very carefully but could not come up with nice spirals like in the photo (the edges cracked and the jam was seeping out of the sides). The dough was a bit crumbly for me overall...but it really was more of a cosmetic issue. I don't care for coconut flakes so I omitted those...and I did try a few with apricot jam which was nice as well - but raspberry was the best. Chocolate might be a fun filling for these as well. I topped with a bit of powdered sugar to pretty them up a bit for a party which I thought was a nice touch.

surfin' chef December 05, 2015