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This was great! I love Raspberries, so I always look for recipes to add them to. This was so easy & a great flavor combo!

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NeverTrustASkinnyCook June 15, 2010

I really wish there was a TEN star rating available for recipes that are the QUINTESSCENT of star-dom, because THIS recipe deserves 10 stars!!! * * * * * * * * * (there...10 asterisks will have to do!) I made this up in no time using frozen 'barb AND 'berries (cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of the fresh crops coming). I made the recipe as is EXCEPT I didn't have lemon zest, but used orange instead. Had a few nibbles straight from the saucepan! Ohmygosh!!! Wow. Poured some into a parfait glass, too....how pretty! The crowning glory, though, was using it as the base flavor for a shake.....Seriously Delicious! I've been ORDERED to save this in the KEEPER file and make it again. Soon. *My Three Chefs 08 - Ruh! Ruh! Rhubarb! *

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Debber June 04, 2008
Raspberry Rhubarb Sauce