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These were great. I didn't read the directions until I was almost done, therefore I didn't soak the oats. Didn't have buttermilk so used the old milk and lemon juice trick. I forgot to put in the cinnamon.(My three year old was helping) Turned out great

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ret143 May 09, 2010

As written, the recipe was lacking a key ingredient - the oats - and the directions were unclear as to when to add said oats. Contacting the chef got that straightened out - after I had just used my best judgment. I used 1 cup of oats, soaked in buttermilk and added with the wet ingredients. This seemed to work fine. My baking time was longer; more like 30 minutes. This is not a sweet muffin to begin with so the tart raspberries are very evident. I think 1-cup of berries would be more than sufficient. All in all, a good muffin recipe that I will most likely use again. Thanks for posting!

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SusieQusie February 25, 2008
Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins