Raspberry Meringue Cookies

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 45 mins

I do not remember where I got this recipe, but I have been making it at christmas every year. I really love them! They are light and puffy and sweet. Yum!

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  1. Heat oven to 250º.
  2. Beat egg whites with salt.
  3. Add gelatin and sugar gradually; beat until soft peaks form and sugar is dissolved.
  4. Beat in vinegar.
  5. Fold in white chocolate chips. (I actually prefer not to use these -- but my husband likes it with them)
  6. Drop one teaspoons worth of meringue onto an un-greased cookie sheet lined with parchment or brown paper. [If you make them too big, they won’t cook all of the way through. Also, I have found that it works best if you use a non-stick cookie sheet.].
  7. Bake 25 minutes. Turn oven off and leave the cookies in the oven 20 minutes longer.


Most Helpful

These pretty cookies make a great addition to a Christmas plate, or would be perfect for Valentine's Day. I thought they were just a bit sweet, so I might cut back a bit on the sugar next time to see if that balances them out. I used blackberry fusion jello and that worked fine. Both my daughters commented separately that these taste like cotton candy. I was afraid my egg whites weren't going to beat up properly, but I kept at it and they eventually did. They weren't fluffy, but they were stiff. Thank for sharing this great recipe!

Julie F November 27, 2011

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