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The taste of these was a definite 5-star! I really enjoyed the flaky pastry and the raspberry/pecan combination (I could not taste the lime). But, the instructions were a little problematic for me. The dough was too firm to work with after being refrigerated for 4 hours. Also, greasing the cookie sheets didn't prevent the cookies from sticking; I ended up with a nasty mess on my baking sheets. I checked a cookbook by Nick Malgieri whose ruglach dough recipe is identical, but his procedures were a little different: He suggests refrigerating the dough only as long as it takes to prepare the filling which would have made it easier to work with; and he suggests lining the baking sheets with parchment paper. I will try this yummy recipe again using Malgieri's methods which should solve my problems. :)

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appleydapply November 13, 2008

These were very easy and tasty! I like the addition of cream cheese (I used reduced-fat). I used sugar-free raspberry jam and Splenda (I only used 1/8 cup) I skipped the powdered sugar. These will be on my holiday list next year!

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Outta Here July 04, 2008

For someone who made a rugelach for the first, this turned out excellent! The pastry's so tasty and like the other reviewer's suggestion, I upped it with a tsp of lime juice since the jam was sweet. I used pecan for this since it's what the recipe calls for and having baked with pecans and walnuts, I prefer the former's taste. The dough pastry itself is marvelous, that I'll try it with other fillings too next time. Thank you for sharing this, Anme!

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Pneuma May 07, 2008

What a hidden gem these were! The pastry was oh-so-tender and literally melted in the mouth. Mixing in some lime zest into the raspberry jam was inspired, and the nuts gave a nice crunch. I think the flavour of the nuts could be improved by roasting them beforehand, and I didn't mix any extra sugar into the raspberry jam - did not miss it at all as these were still plenty sweet. The instructions are clear, concise and well-organized. Very, very nice.

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evelyn/athens March 18, 2008

Review my Recipe 2008 ~ This is my second time making a rugalach and I just love them. The pastry comes out like a puff pastry, only it's less time consuming to make. For those of you who have never made rugalach before, I strongly suggest that you put them with the point down on the baking sheet so that they don't open up while cooking. These are really nice and actually not too sweet. I would probably add a bit of lime juice next time just to up the flavor a bit. Also used walnuts as I was out of pecans. Thanks Anme!

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CulinaryQueen March 13, 2008
Raspberry Lime Rugalach