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These are terrific! And the buttercream recipe is something I will use again and again. I took the buttercream up a notch by using a combination of vanilla and raspberry extract (find it in any grocery store) and tinting it a very very pale shade of pink by adding a very scant few drops of red extract. The tinted frosting made them look professionally prepared - I put the buttercream in a gallon-sized ziplock bag, cut off one corner and used it like a pastry bag. The slight raspberry flavor of the buttercream made the flavor of the filling really pop...do try them this way, you will NOT be disappointed. Perfect for a wedding or baby shower, I used mine for Mothers Day and I was proud to serve them.

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928033 May 12, 2013

Love the recipe!!! I made the frosting at 4x's due to the small amount it made. The raspberry filling needs to be changed. I think that maybe a gelatin would be easier to and you don't run in to the flavor of cornstarch. Even cut a step out and use freezer jam.

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stanne40 May 19, 2012

Husband and his work buddies loved these! Very tasty raspberry filling. Did not use this frosting recipe. Will make again!

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Allie1969 August 04, 2010
Raspberry Filled Vanilla Cupcakes