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Ok so I decided to try this for my Fiance's birthday cake. Took a gamble on something a little different. First thing - duncan hines cakes come in 18 oz boxes, not 10. There are no baking instructions for 3 pans either, so I ended up cutting both my 8 inch cakes in half to fill with the preserves. (which was easy with this cake mix, and I'm HORRIBLE at cutting cakes that way).Everything was going great, but then my frosting failed. I make whipped cream frosting all the time. Everything was going well. I added the melted chocolate mixture, it got thick and formed stiff peaks...then just fell to watery mush. So I put it on top but couldn't do the sides....The tastes all work SO well together, and I think the frosting was my fault. I can not stress this enough DO NOT OVER BEAT THE FROSTING!! As soon as it gets stiff - STOP or it will do what mine did. It only takes a minute or two. Don't keep beating thinking it will keep getting thicker! This gets even better after being in the fridge for a few days. I thought all the preserves would make it mushy but not at all. It's like a 4 layer (in my case) jelly roll. Very yummy! P.S. if you screw up the frosting - plain whipped cream works great.

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Nikoma November 24, 2010
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