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These are heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!! Martha Stewart would be proud of me because I used Kerrygold butter, Guirardelli white chocolate and I sifted my dry ingredients very well. These are worth the trouble, believe me!!!! The fresh raspberry creme filling is one of the best things I have ever tasted!!! These cookies bake up great too!! I did one batch the full size with the 1 inch scoop but then I wanted some little ones so I split each scoop in half and I baked them half as long and it totally worked out great!!!! So on the full size cookies, I baked for 4 then 5 minutes. And on my little cookies, I baked for 2 then 2 1/2 minutes. Love, Love, Love these cookies!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chef*Lee July 25, 2008

This recipe caught my eye a while back, but I finally decided to make them when I saw the picture of them in a Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie magazine (they looked so pretty, and I love raspberry and white chocolate together). They definitely weren't the most economical cookies I've ever made, but the flavor, WOW! I actually messed up the filling part (I added too many raspberries, so the filling never solidified enough to fill the cookies), but that didn't stop my family from using it as a dip with the cookies. I do recommend slightly underbaking the cookies, or they become quite crisp. I would even consider making just the cookies by themselves. Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess December 08, 2005
Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies