Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 0 mins

A delicious rich pie that my mom made for holidays and I had to get the recipe! Time to make is just an estimate!

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  1. Crust Directions:.
  2. Put all dry ingredients to pie crust in 9-inch pie pan. Mix oil and milk together, and pour over flour mix. Mix with fingers just til all moist. Press into pan. Poke w' fork on bottoms and sides and bake at 350°F 8-10 minutes.
  3. Pie Directions:.
  4. Sprinkle Gelatin and coffee over the water in small saucepan. Heat til gelatin dissolves, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and let cool some.
  5. In mixing bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar, salt, and vanilla til fluffy.
  6. Beat in warm gelatin mix gradually (VERY IMPORTANT TO DO IT GRADUALLY AND CONTINUOUSLY OR IT WILL BE LUMPY) Chill until thickened.
  7. Beat with beaters to soften some, add cool whip and beat til mixed well and fluffy.
  8. Put about half the mix into backed pie shell, making a dipped area to hold the berries.
  9. Add drained raspberries, top with remaining coffee filling. Chill about 2 hours before serving.
Most Helpful

What an excellent pie. I made mini versions with my own tart shell and miked a bit of instant coffee into that recipe like yours does. I dissolved the instant coffee into the water when making my crust since the past reviewer said not doing so made the crust seem a bit bitter. Doing so gave a crust a great taste of coffee that was not bitter or overwhelming. I used a mixture of resberries and strawberries in the pie. Very good dessert recipe I plan on making many more times in the near future!

anme April 22, 2008

This is delicous creamy pie with a great presentation. I can't get over how simple the crust is! No mess...unless you count your fingers! The creamy coffee flavor is nicely balanced with the tart berries. I sort of missed the instructions that said you should add the gelatin mixture to the cream cheese mixture gradually. That's really important. Mine had a few lumps that I couldn't get out because I combined it all at once. The only thing I will change is the addition of the instant coffee in the crust. The directions didn't specifically say when to add the granules, so I assumed they went in the dry ingredients, which of course made a very pretty speckled appearance but it gave the crust a bitter taste. I think it might work better for us to dissolve it when you combine the milk and oil for a more even flavor. But that's just a very minor nit-picky thing. As I said, it was really pretty and enjoyed by all!

little_wing March 01, 2008