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This is absolutely wonderful. I made it for Christmas & everyone loved it. It made a beautiful pie also. The only suggestion I have is to pour the cooked berries thru the strainer BEFORE adding fruit pectin or sugar. W/the pectin & sugar added it is so thick, it is very difficult & takes forever to press thru a fine strainer. Return puree to pan & cook over med hi heat, stirring constantly until hot, then add pectin & continue w/recipe.

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jektype January 06, 2009

This pie was sooo good! I am so happy to have found it posted here. I seen the episode of Cooks Country this was featured on, and by the time I went to the website to get the recipe you needed to become a member to get it. I didn't have any problems with this recipe, it turned out perfect. I did skip the rosettes part at the end just because I was completly out of time and patience by that point, and just spread the topping on. This got rave reviews by everyone. Thanks for posting!

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sweetcakes August 18, 2009

I friend of mine brought this over for an after dinner treat and it is really good. Smooth yet full of flavor. This isn't a real helpful review since I didn't make it, but he got the recipe from Cook's Country magazine and he said it was easy to make.

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Londonsbk August 04, 2009
Raspberry Chiffon Pie