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Ras- sweet juice, gulla-ball, this is the meaning of the name of the dish. This is a very delicate recipe.Being an Indian this is a very well loved dessert at home.. The method of preparation of rasgullas is a little different, so it may be a little difficult to get right at first shot. ut, once mastered, this dessert is a delight to senses!! Absolutely heaven!! Easch step needs precision to achieve the perfect soft, light, melt in mouth juicy sweets..

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ExoticMJ October 06, 2009

I kneaded the cheese and flour together, and had to add considerable more flour before it would 'stick' together to form a dough that was able to be shaped. I added them to the syrup, and after 5 minutes I peeked in to see if they were ok, to find a pot of mush- the balls had completely dissolved. I was able to rescue the ingredients by adding Bisquick and making a fruit cobbler, but I was very disappointed in this recipe.

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Random Rachel June 07, 2007
Rasgulla - an Indian Dessert