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What a great meatloaf! The only changes I made were I used all beef (couldn't find ground pork) and added an extra minced garlic clove. It was full of flavor and moist. Even if you don't like Ranch dressing, do try this--you don't taste it specifically--all the ingredients just blend together beautifully to produce one tasty entree. While this would be good even without the macaroni (I used elbows), I don't recommend skipping it. It may mean an extra step and a few more dishes, but will make your meatloaf "stretch", and besides, it's just plain FUN! I boiled extra and made macaroni and cheese to go along with it, and our "comfort food" meal was a success. Thanks for sharing!

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Christmas Carol February 28, 2013
Ranch Style Maca-Meatloaf #RSC