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Extremely easy and tasty! I thought these were going to taste like Ranch dressing, but instead the mix gave just enough spice and zing to the potatoes. Everyone loved them at lunch along with some buffalo wings. Thanks :)

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Karen=^..^= November 03, 2002

Awesome recipe! I made these last night as a side dish to our roast and they turned out great. I loved the flavor. The timing and temperature were perfect too. I will definitely be making these ones again. Thanks for another great recipe Diggy!

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Lubie February 24, 2003

My husband and I loved these potatoes. I used fat-free ranch dressing mix on 1 1/2 pounds of new red potatoes and roasted them on a non-stick foil lined pan. Crispy outside, soft inside, they were delicious and very attractive, I would definitely serve these to guest as they are so easy and pretty. We ate them with broiled pork chops and honey glazed carrots. Thanks for posting this recipe Lorac, I'll definitely make these again.

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Hey Jude October 21, 2011

These are really good..although I thought the full package of the seasoning was too much the first time . I made them again tonight with olive oil and used about half the seasoning and baked it on parchment paper. This solved everything! They were perfect!

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WitchinKitch January 06, 2009

Excellent potatoes! I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and I had the dry Ranch mix in a large bottle. It said 3 Tablespoons = 1 oz. packet, so I put 3 Tablespoons in the bag after I coated the potatoes with oil. I WAS actually going to follow a recipe to the letter, for once! Well, the seasoning seemed to disappear (I would lessen the oil and up the Ranch seasoning next time, maybe), so when I dumped the potatoes on the foil-lined baking pan, I sprinkled them with more Ranch seasoning. My husband even dipped them in Ranch dressing as he was eating them (I didn't - I liked them as-is)! I guess we're Ranch-y. Anyway, I PAM'd the heck out of my baking pan, and some still stuck a bit. Rebels. Oh well. ;) The baking time and temperature were right on, even though I cut my potatoes into...like....6ths. As I was putting the leftovers away, the hubs kept grabbing potatoes off the baking sheet to eat...and he's not really a potato-kinda-guy! So yeah, I'll be keeping this one. I served them with Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken. Thanks for posting this!

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Greeny4444 April 29, 2010

This tasted amazing. It's VERY important to mix the potatoes with the oil and seasoning in a ziptop baggie first. I did it in the pan and the bits of seasoning and oil that stuck to the bottom of the dish instead of the potatoes ended up burning really badly. Also important to cut the potato pieces the same size for even cooking. I had some larger pieces that weren't cooked enough. :) Always a learning experience. But the flavor was GREAT!!

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MindyP679 September 18, 2006

Great recipe. We have them with burgers instead of french fries - I can prepare them a little while ahead and leave them in the ziploc bag - throw them in a baking dish on parchment paper - no mess, easy cleanup. Love 'em. Thanks for recipe.

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Toadflax February 19, 2006

Fast, quick, and easy - and very tasty. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten these at potlucks and wished I had the recipe - and now I do. I can't believe how simple these were! The salad dressing mix really makes these so flavorful. They came out nice and tender and were enjoyed by all. Thanks for sharing.

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HeatherFeather June 05, 2003

Wow---these are fabulous! I used Yukon Gold instead of red, and spicy ranch mix instead of original. Since my potato pieces ended up being a little larger, I roasted them for about 40 minutes to get that nice creamy interior and crispy outer crust. These went very well with the pork schnitzel I served last night for dinner.

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Lynn in MA January 05, 2016

These were very well received by my dinner guests, but I thought they had too much ranch. Took recommendation of others and cooked on parchment paper. Clean up was a breeze! I used Russet - that's what I had. Also used home made ranch seasoning - likely from this site - and used 1/4 C Olive Oil and 3 Tbl ranch seasoning. Next time - will add salt to the seasoning and use less seasoning. Super easy recipe - thank you so much for posting - I'm sure I'll use this base many many times and adjust the seasoning depending on what I'm making (rosemary alone, cajun seasoning, greek seasoning etc...) Thanks!

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Gidget265 August 08, 2015
Ranch Roasted Potatoes