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My daughter was just diagnosed with a milk allergy, but she LOVES ranch dressing (it is the only one she would eat). She enjoys salads, but won't eat them without dressing and it is impossible to find one that doesn't have milk and/or soy. This is the first one I tried and my family loves it. I omitted the buttermilk powder (obvious reasons) and mixed it with Veganaise and rice milk. I didn't follow any specific measurements, just had her taste it until it was the right amount, but she loves it and my anti-vegan husband thought it was delicious too! I did add a splash of lemon juice, to add that extra tang. You will note on all commercial dressings, that there is vinegar and/or lemon juice in them and some of you not happy with the flavor may find that adding an acid (vinegar/lemon juice) would put it over the top for you.

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TandyI October 19, 2010

They were out of dried buttermilk at my local Walmart, so I looked up the conversion from dried to liquid buttermilk and it's simple. All you need to do for this recipe in order to make one bottle of Ranch dressing is to shake up 1 cup each buttermilk and mayo in a mason jar with the same exact amount of spices that the recipe calls for. I used Hellmann's Light mayo and it worked out superbly. I cut the amount of salt to half a teaspoon as per some of the reviews. I don't like dill but in this recipe it makes the dressing spot on Hidden Valley Ranch and now I can say after many years of searching, my quest to find HV's ranch dressing is thankfully over!!! If you're on the fence with this recipe, try my suggestions, you won't be sorry.

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brightsideoflife September 25, 2012

Absolutely perfect! Don't be fooled by the ones that use crackers, or don't have buttermilk in the mix. You can tell by looking at this when you're done that it's the one you want. Warning: Add the milk a little at a time when making a dressing, till it's how you like it. It can be a little thin...

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Ronin3338 September 18, 2008

This turned out almost exactly like the real stuff. I actually like it better than the real stuff because it is less salty. I use the powder for popcorn. Thanks so much for posting this!

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jmerph September 27, 2007

Thanks for a great substitute for ranch dressing. I have just started a gluten free diet and was really missing ranch dressing for my salads and dipping veggies in. This was exactly what I was looking for and I had all the ingredients on hand. I mixed 1 tbsp into about 3/4 c of greek yogurt and it was wonderful. Thanks, Angela!

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JudithY July 01, 2010

This has a happy ending!!!! When I prepared this recipe as a salad dressing according to the instructions, it tasted okay. Yes, I expected more of a bottled dressing flavor. It had a flavor that was pleasant, but I found it a little too salty and not very much like ranch dressing. Something was missing. At first, I just figured I would use the mix it as a dip or when the mix is called for in a recipe. However, after a little experimentation, I discovered the missing ingredient --- WHITE VINEGAR!!!!!!!!!! I added the 1 cup mayo, milk to the desired consistency and a generous dash of white vinegar (start with 1/2 tsp and add more as needed)... it made all the difference.

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Chef Talya June 24, 2012

I tried to rate this without stars so I wouldn't mess up your 5 star rating, but it wouldn't let me...I used this recipe as a dip, mixing one tablespoon with 8oz of sour cream. I don't recommended it, it just doesn't have that twang. I tried adding more dill and more of the dry mix, still no twang. I'll rate it again when I make it as a dressing. Thanks for sharing, it was worth a shot. :-)

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armymomx2 April 29, 2011

This blend came out damn near perfect for a match for Hidden Valley, my daughter and her bff ate a whole dip bowl then and only then did I tell them it wasn't their ranch... Awesome. And for those who are missing something.. try using a cup of sour cream instead of mayo I think you will be surprised. Thanks Angela for posting this awesome and money saving recipe!

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WyomingMoonDust April 06, 2011

This did not taste like Ranch to my or my family. I am still searching for a homemade version of the dry buttermilk version.

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Big Sis February 27, 2010

Sorry to rain on the parade of rave reviews, but this just didn't "float my boat." I felt the flavoring wasn't quite there. It seemed too salty for me. That may have been the dry buttermilk rather than the salt, not sure. I did try adding some sour cream (about 1/2 cup) per the advice of others, but that really didn't do much except add a bit more tang and thickness. I'm on a quest for the best homemade ranch dressing, and this was the first try. I ended up throwing it out. I did keep the dry mix, and I may try adjustments to it in the future if other recipes fail. The good thing I will say about this is when mixed with mayo and milk it was quite thick. In fact, it was thicker than I like in dressing - just right for dip, however. Just an FYI - I tried another ranch recipe that called for cilantro or parsley and lime juice. So, if you want more tang, try adding some lime. Fresh cilantro would add flavor more than parsley, but I have found dried cilantro to be flavorless. I'm moving on to other recipes in my continued search for good homemade ranch dressing.

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Cook In Southwest February 16, 2010
Ranch Dressing and Seasoning Mix