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I prepared the "dressing" option of this recipe and it was not a real winner. The average rating from my family was 3 stars. Although my family can be pretty finicky, I thought this assessment was generous at best. First, the the dressing recipe was too thick to realistically use as a dressing. Second, the crushed crackers gave it an uneven consistency that was not good for a dressing or dip. Third, and most importantly, the combination of a large amount of added salt, saltine crackers, and salt already resident in the ranch mix made a recipe that was VERY salty. I thought the complex flavors would make a unique dressing, but I think you will get a better result at less time and expense by using a store-bought bottle or package.

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JGB18 May 04, 2012

Very good. I followed the instructions to a "T" and put some in little bowls for the grandkids to dip their vegetables in and served some on a salad. This will be quite handy to have around. Thank you. Made for Herb and Spice of the Month -- Chives tag game.

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mama smurf May 07, 2010

Just great, ranch dressing especially dry mix is not readily available here in OZ so this is great for me to be able to try all those recipes that contain it. I used crushed premiums in place of saltines. Thanks Sharon.

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**Mandy** October 10, 2007

This is very good I used it with veggies as a dip. Will be using this again, and what a great idea for a hostess gift thanks for posting this one sharon!

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Calee May 27, 2006
Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix in a Jar