ramen noodle surprise

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Total Time
1 min
15 mins

This is definitly a bachelor/college worthy recipe, my husband introduced me to it, and he still makes it all the time. I actually love it, and who knows, you may also.

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  1. Brown the pound of ground beef, season the beef lightly with the garlic, salt, and pepper.
  2. While the ground beef is cooking, boil the ramen noodles until tender.
  3. when tender, drain and place back in the pot.
  4. When the beef is finished cooking add it to the noodles, then add the ramen noodle season packets to taste, and stir well.
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This recipe was great. We chose beef-flavor ramen (to go with the ground beef), and it worked very well. It's a little hard to toss the noodles and the beef without tearing the noodle strands apart, but it all ends up on the plate anyway, and it still tastes great.

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This recipe was delicious. It was a cheap meal and easy to fix too. My husband and I enjoyed it. Thank you for posting it. We will make this again.