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Read some of the other reviews and was a tad nervous to use all 3 packets of ramen seasonings (I used all of the packets anyway and didn't find it to be too "salty"). I used ground turkey as that is what I have been buying lately to help cut back on fatty foods and I think I had a little more than what was called for in this recipe. We didn't have just diced tomatoes, but had diced tomaotes with diced green chilies. As a personal choice I added a dash of cumin, and garlic powder. We skipped putting it into the oven as my hubby doesn't eat cheese and I'm not a velveeta fan, instead I just sprinkled a little extra sharp cheddar cheese on my serving. This turned out terrific! My husband loved it and actually ate the leftovers for dinner tonight instead of asking what was for dinner and making a face when I replied leftovers. This needs more stars! This is a keeper!!!

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ChrissyVas80 March 03, 2011

I made this with hot and spicy ramen then browning ground beef and putting the seasoning in the meat then mixing the ramen 1 cup water half cup milk and a can of drained rotel and 3 table spoons of sour cream in a dish covered it with shredded chesse and baked for 20 mins or until browning it was really good

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Anonymous May 20, 2015

My SIL gave me a big box of ramen noodles and I'm trying to use them. What a nice quick and easy dish! Instead of the diced tomatoes, I used pizza sauce and added garlic and lots of Italian seasoning. That was the mood we were in. Next time I'll try Mexican with Rotel , garlic, and taco seasoning. I didn't have any Velveeta, so I used a shredded blend of Colby and Monterey. I also backed off on the water after reading the other reviews. DH said he would eat it again. This was very good, thank you!

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Kelley52 August 07, 2014

I really enjoyed this recipe. I made it for one, so used less than a pound of ground beef, one packet of ramen, one cup of water and can of tomatoes. I did melt some cheese into it and added some worcheshire sauce before baking it. Looking forward to the leftovers.

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Chris Brad April 03, 2014

I think next time I would cut back on the water...it was still kind of watery. I scooped it out with a spaghetti spoon. (I even let it sit for about 20 minutes to try to allow more of the juice to soak up into the noodles). I used pork steak cubes seasoned with the 3 pkts (the casserole wasn't too salty to me), garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce. I used mild rotel instead of the regular diced tomatoes. It really had a good flavor. I usually buy pork steak when it is on sale, so this was a really low cost meal!!

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mammafishy February 04, 2013

Excellent. I used Rotel instead of tomatoes, this added saltiness to the recipe so I would suggest reducing a packet of seasonings. Plus only used 2 cups of water which then intensifies the saltiness as well.

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kristina70 February 04, 2012

I made this tonight but I used cooked, shredded chicken and chicken flavored ramen instead of the beef. It was good but I think next time I will mix some of the Velveeta into the casserole instead of just on top. I found myself trying to mix the melted pieces of velveeta into the noodles on my plate. I just think it would be better mixed in. I also think this is a great base recipe to really add different ingredients to make it different each time. I think you could add a can of cream of chicken or different veggies like mushrooms or green peppers or even corn. All in all it was good and I will make it again. My 3 year old liked it too.

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shawndradavis_11320931 October 17, 2011

Very easy to make which is a huge plus in my book. I added garlic powder, cumin and goya seasoning to the meat. I also used rotel tomatoes. Was very good and have made this many times now!

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AyaTheCook September 18, 2011

I tried this last night and kept in mind what some of the other viewers said about not having much flavor to it. I kept tasting as I was cooking and added garlic powder, salt and pepper. The seasoning packets didn't make it too salty for me at all in fact when I got done baking I still had to add more salt but it was still lacking something. It was good but still missing something in the flavor.

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Catnip46 March 04, 2011

Made exactly as written. The kids loved it!

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kmarques77 January 24, 2011
Ramen Noodle Casserole