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YIPPEE! I made REAL bread! It's been about 10 years since I've done so. I did use my kitchenaid's dough hook though. I made this as directed with dark rye flour and all-purpose flour. It was slow to rise so I put on top of the dryer because I was doing laundry all day too. Worked great! I ended up with 3 beautiful loafs that had a nice crust and soft inside. The raisins were perfect in it. I enjoyed this most toasted with butter. YUM! Freddy Cat says hi! Made for the Please Review tag game.

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Engrossed April 26, 2008

I didn't have instant coffee either, but used a bit of very finely ground espresso. This bread is terrific! Better than anything I can buy here in Washington. Thanks, Sharon!

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Chef Kate June 12, 2006

Oh my! I was hoping, based on the ingredients, that this would be a decent raisin pumpernickel loaf, but this surpassed my expectations. This labor of love produced 3 gorgeous, beautifully textured, bakery style loaves abundant with true New York pumpernickel flavor. I didn't have any instant coffee granules on hand, so I omitted that (but will definitely purchase some for the next batches) and I added an extra 1/2 c. of raisins. I will be perusing ALL of your recipes and popping them in my cookbook because this chef is convinced that you're the real thing. Thanks so much!

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CobraLimes December 22, 2004

Yes! Absolute perfection in Pumpernickel! I didn't change anything in the recipe and made exactly as above. We are happy and will use this recipe again and again. Thanks!

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Barefoot Beachcomber November 24, 2002

Not a good recipe, I tried it 3 times. There simply isn't enough liquid in it to absorb so much whole grain flour, so that when you get to adding the final white flour, the dough is already pretty saturated. I was only able to work 1 cup of white four in, and that was a stretch. You wind up with too little dough for the amount of flavorings. The end product was dark, too sweet, too salty, too heavily coffee-and-chocolate, and dry.

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bethsbakery December 10, 2014
Raisin Pumpernickel Bread