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I have made this several times and it is a show stopper! This is what I found to be helpful. I mix up the 5 jello flavors right from the start. I line up the containers and divide the jello and add the milk mixture, respectively, so it is all ready to go and it can come to room temperature. It won't hurt the jello to sit out and you can throw it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes while the previous layer is setting up. That way, you have the right consistency and it seems less hectic. I chose to use sweetened condensed milk as I never have coconut milk, but I think I will use it next time. I think the colors would be more vibrant. The sweetened condensed milk is sort of yellow and dilutes the true color of the jello. I doubt if anyone eating it cares about it, but I think the presentation would only be that much more astounding. Love this recipe!

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KCShell April 04, 2010

How lovely this looked on my Easter dinner table. The kids oohhhhed and aahhhhed over it. It is definately time consuming but well worth it. I plan on making this for our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner for our big family. Thank you so much for making me the #1 mom ..... for today anyway....lol. I didn't have lemon jello at home so I used Black Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Lime and Berry Blue.......it looked beautiful.

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mommyoffour April 12, 2009

Made this for a potluck and it was a big hit. The kids (all ages)especially loved it. The adults were asking for the recipe. Wonderful flavor and very colorful, we had to cut into it because no one wanted to ruin the mold. I put it in the freezer between batches of flavors to speed the process and it worked wonderfully. Don't let the layers harden too much or it won't stick. Make sure your layers are still tacky when adding the next layer and make sure you spoon the layers in. I tried pouring the layers in slowly and almost ruined the mold. Worth taking the time to make sure it is done right!! You'll be pleasantly surprised when it is finished.

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jkbrough June 24, 2007

If you make this in a 9x13 pan, the layers are extremely thin and there is not much wiggle room for the pan being slightly off balance. I had a really difficult time trying to get the pan level in the fridge since even the tiniest difference translated to the layer being thick on one end and a thin film on the other. If you don't have a bunt pan, use something smaller than a 9x 13. One person's genius suggestion to mix all the jello up first, at one time, was on target. However, be aware that by the time you are pouring the 4 and 5 colors, the jello may thicken at room temp. I used a double boiler to gently heat the last couple of colors after I had already made a sad attempt to spread partially congealed jello over tremendously thin under layers of jello. Don't make that mistake. Just reheat the jello to thin it again. Also, if using a 9x13, the first couple of layers do take 15-20 minutes in between but then all the other layers set SUPER fast...like 5 minutes. I think it will take me another attempt to get it perfect. The size of the pan and super thin layers made this more difficult, also the jello that thickened too soon threw me off. I panicked. Other than that, it looks absolutely stunning despite those problems. I'll be cutting into it tomorrow and hope that my rainbow of flavors tastes good. Fingers crossed.

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Melisa R. February 26, 2016

This was a little labor intensive- but well worth it...there were lots of oohs and aaahhs....the recipe is a keeper! :)

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Chez Michelle January 04, 2009

This is definitely something you want to try at least once and it is definitely an eye catcher. My dislikes pertain to the flavors that just didn't blend well w/ each other like the green lime. I'll try this again leaving the green out. (alas no more rainbow..) Thanks for posting, this was an experience for me!!

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DarlaDoom December 28, 2008

I made a bunch of little jellos in fancy plastic pedestal water cups from the DollarTree. 1 1/2 T of jello per layer. It was awesome! I used sweet condensed milk but I think it would have been better with the coconut milk since the sc milk only added a creamy sweetness and no extra flavor or fruityness. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Chef Mom :) December 10, 2008

This was awesome! It looked great,and tasted even better. The coconut milk really made the difference. Here are some things I learned the hard way; make sure you shake your coconut milk VERY well, and keep it refrigerated. Also when you are waiting for the jello to come to room temperature (in between layers) put the bowl it is in inside a larger bowl and then slowly pour cold water in the larger bowl so that it comes up the sides, but not to the top, of the smaller bowl. It definitely takes a long time to make, but if you have the time it is worth it! I can't wait to make this again, thanks for the great recipe!

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liljenn May 25, 2008

I made this back in the summer time. It was a big hit! I agree , the coconut makes this a treat! It's so 'cool' looking people want to have some. I am slow so it took a *while* but once you get a groove going it is simple. Can't wait for an occasion to make it again!

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red_baron January 01, 2008
Rainbow Ribbon Mold