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I made these for a Xmas playgroup party in the shape of stars. While these looked really pretty I thought that they lacked a bit of flavour and were a bit dry. I love the idea of this though so next time may try adding something like apple sauce or juice instead of the water. Thanks!

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**Mandy** December 18, 2007

These are super easy to make but not as flavorful as I thought they'd be. I used the Disney's Little Einstein cereal (fruity stars) and they came out really pretty. I used half water, half milk, and then half white flour and half whole wheat flour. My daughter loves them as mini muffins for a quick snack. I've already made them twice for her!

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Rachie P September 27, 2007

These are super easy to make and look lovely and colourful. I agree with another reviewer, the fruit loops in the batter soften and mingle into the batter really nicely yet the fruit loops on the top really crisp up. Very popular with my two daughters. I made very small baby mini muffins and got 36 which were perfect for my little girls. I ended up cooking for just over 10 minutes.

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Jewelies February 09, 2007

I really liked how super fast and easy these are to make! They bake up really nice and are simple ingredients. I made them with the new fruity cheerios. The texture was a little chewy but I may have over mixed them, so be careful. My kids will try them after school, I think they are really going to enjoy them. Thanks for a fun kid friendly recipe!

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Darling76 October 26, 2006

I made these up right away when I saw the recipe posted this morning, since I wanted to make muffins today and I had cereal to use up. These are quick to make and SO colorful - they'd be great for kids to bring in for a birthday treat. For being pretty low in fat, they are quite moist and have great texture. The cereal on top is crispy while the cereal inside melts into the batter, leaving pretty colored polka dots! I used Fruity Pebbles for the cereal. I accidentally used 1/3 cup of sugar, but they ended up tasting good this way! The baking time was right on but for some reason I only got 8 muffins, even though I used a 1/3 measuring cup to divide out the batter. I have a cookie recipe posted that also uses fruity cereal, and it really is surprising how good both the muffins and cookies are. Thank you for posting this - always looking for ways to use up leftover cereal, and this is a good one!

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Vino Girl May 27, 2005
Rainbow Muffins