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I really enjoyed this salad. However, I did add a little bit of sugar to the dressing because I found the vinegar to be a bit strong. I also added ground black pepper and a dash of garlic powder, and went lightly on the curry powder (personal taste). Enjoyed this salad alongside barbequed chicken. Would also be good to add cooked, shredded chicken to the salad for a nice lunch:) ~Manda

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Manda March 26, 2002

I loved the dressing on this salad and will surely be preparing this dish again. I made my couscous with 1 part couscous to 2 parts water as it said on the box. I wish I had made a bit more than 1 cup dry as it seemed like there was just a bit too much stuff for the amount of semolina. (A matter of personal taste.) Nonetheless this was very tasty and I would suggest it to my couscous loving friends. Thanks Tryntje.

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justcallmetoni April 04, 2005
Rainbow Couscous Salad