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OK I made this and had a little trouble but upon further research I believe the problems I had were my own doing. I made it in a 9in springform pan. I had a huge overflow problem BUT I looked into possible causes of this and I found that not using a water bath can cause this. I did NOT use a water bath. My usual cheesecake doesn't need one so I thought this one would be ok without it. WRONG! Another issue I believe I had was that I overbeat it. If you over beat a cheesecake it will puff up like a souffle and then crash back down. Mine did this. Again, entirely my fault. The flavor of this cheesecake was very mild. It would be a great base for a fruity sauce or maybe even chocolate. I used gel food colorings and the colors turned out bright and vibrant.

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*Z* October 11, 2011
Rainbow Cheesecake