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Well, I think I have to chalk this one up to operator error. I think the saucepan I used was a bit too large. The mixture had not reached the right temperature before it started turning dark - really almost caramelizing, but without that "burnt" flavor. The recipe had not said when to add the coloring, I added it about half-way through the cooking process, but you would not have been able to tell because of the darkening. It never did reach the right stage. I poured it into a pan - a 8x8 pan was too large, I ended up folding up foil to make it roughly 8x4 to get a good thickness. It was not quite jellied enough to cut into cubes - you can cut them, but they are droopy. Again, I think it needed to cook more, but I was afraid it would burn. I'll need to try this again, because I do remember eating these and liking them - however, I'll need to buy more sugar, this cleaned out my supply!

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duonyte May 20, 2013
Rahat Al-Holqum