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Wonderful recipe. My family and I loved this. I had to use fettucine as I didn't feel like making my tagliatelle. I used the milk and cream. I also used my food processor to chop it all up as suggested making this a very easy dish to make. Thanks for posting this recipe, I will be making this often.

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Ilysse March 02, 2008

Yep. This is it. Perfect. I really liked how the recipe was written, too; it allows the cook a little latitude. Until now I used a similar recipe from the wonderful Ada Boni, which was slightly more complex (half ground beef, half ground pork, 1/4 c sausage, optional chopped chicken liver). But Leah's ragù is as tasty and much lighter and healthier. It freezes very well. And don't forget, a good ragù -- and this one is -- can be used as the basis for many other dishes, including lasagna bolognese, pasticcio di polenta, as a filling for Italian crepes (crespelle), etc. Complimenti!

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MariaLuisa January 14, 2008
Ragù Alla Bolognese - the Authentic Recipe