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This was good. I have fond memories as a young Marine of lots of rafute atop of bowls of soba noodle soup with a tall Orion beer, nothing better on a cool evening after a long days work. Of course I didn?t have any soba noodles handy in Louisiana so I served it with some rice and sautéed kale. Warning, this might be a little different for some tastes, it is sweet, think of it more like pork candy instead of stewed pork. Thanks Daydream.

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Tread June 22, 2013

This pork is okay, but the flavor of the sauce is a little too strong for me. I am not, however, Okinawan, which may be the main problem. I didn't have awamori handy, so used bourbon instead. I cut the recipe in half, but used all the specified ingredients in the proportions given. It was very interesting to try, and I was amazed to find a recipe that just fit what I wanted to use up. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao January 08, 2012
Rafute (Okinawan glazed pork)